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Our Recent Projects

300 SL Mercedes

 We recently completed the restoration of two sets of 300 Series Mercedes Instruments.

Allard Electronic Speedometer

 We converted this Allard Speedometer to Electronic and made a supplementary trip/odometer to be hidden in the glovebox. The speedometer is driven by a GPS Sensor.

Hooper Speedwell Gauges

 We have restored these gauges for a Hooper Coachbuilt 1071 Mini Cooper S. The Speedwell gauges have sat in a Speedwell Display panel for 40 years and were new but defective requiring restoration in each case.

Lea Francis

 The Lea Francis we restored recently has instruments similar to an MG TC but the colour of the dials are quite distinctive.

RT Charger

 We have restored four RT Charger Dashes this year.

Truck Gauges

 Chad recently made five sets of truck gauges for a customer in the Northern Territory.